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BIZOBIKE Folding Bikes

BIZOBIKE, is a part of Bizo Import bvba. BIZOBIKE was founded with the only goal to convince more people to use ecological forms of transport.
To achieve this goal, we are committed on designing high quality and good priced folding bikes with the best worldwide service.
Bizobike is dedicated to the development of solutions for green mobility. We would like to convince people, organizations and gouvernments with our great concept of green mobile solutions. Bizo Import bvba (Head Office) is situated in a city of the West-Flanders, called “Damme”. All BIZOBIKE Folding bikes are CE approved. Our annual visits to our leading component manufacturers, are resulting in a good communication, and an excellent co-operation with the best service.


1.    It enables you to finally go green. Instead of taking the car or a taxi which use fossil fuels and create pollution and congestion,
you will play a hand in reducing gas house emissions and traffic congestion.
2.    Get your excercise by riding it to work or the store and carrying it around if you like.
3.    The folding bike doesn’t dictate your day. Instead, you decide to ride or not ride as weather and your personal life dictate.
4.    It can be taken on a bus, subway, train or plane without paying extra in most cases.
5.    It is light enough to carry and store at work or in your apartment or condo, where space is at a premium
6.    It’s great on a vacation trip- no need for bicycle racks on your car and worrying about securing your bicycle at night